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Dubbed “Body Armor for Windows,” BulletShield – the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite – offers impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


  • Protects the most targeted areas of a glazing system - the glass
  • Rated to UL 752 Ballistic Standards
  • Mounts onto existing window and door frames
  • Custom-extruded aluminum frame creates a buffer zone to protect the original glass
  • Engineered to flex under attack, keeping bullets and bad guys out


BulletShield by DefenseLite Features:

  • Patented, professionally installed system
  • Retrofit onto existing windows and doors
    • Anchors on the interior or exterior of the glazing frame, depending on existing conditions
    • Glass-clad and bullet-resistant framing retrofit systems also are available
  • Costs far less than full bullet-resistant glazing replacement

BulletShield Applications

  • Customers seeking the 21st-century glass protection of BulletShield include:
    • Hotels/meeting spaces
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Corporate offices
    • Police stations/government buildings

Anatomy of the BULLETSHIELD System

BulletShield is an engineered solution consisting of proprietary high-optic UV coated shields, multi-layer thin films and tough structural adhesives and anchors.

  • The proprietary BulletShield extrusion attaches to the existing glazing frame, creating a buffer zone to protect the original glass
  • A virtually unbreakable clear shield is affixed to the BulletShield extrusion
  • BulletShield 'Super Bond' secures the system to the existing glazing
  • Customized edge banding and powder coating makes system virtually invisible upon installation
  • System options include:
    • Use of exotic plastics, polycarbonates and glass-clad shields
    • Installation with all-weather adhesives, high-performance films or mechanical anchors
    • Interior and/or exterior installation, depending on existing conditions
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Gun Man

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BULLETSHIELD retro-fit anti-intrusion mounted shields

BulletShield is our patented forced entry (FE) solution for door and window glass. Our innovative shields and custom-designed system combine versatility, scalability and flexibility to prevent intrusions. Keep your existing glazing system intact while adding DefenseLite clear shields to keep the bad guys out!

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