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We are your one-stop provider for retrofit ballistic protection for windows and doors.

BulletShield by DefenseLite is a derivative of DefenseLite – the world’s premier retrofit forced entry glazing protection system. BulletShield is the ballistic resistant version of defenselite. Manufactured in the US and installed by our trained professionals, these custom made and patented products are designed to work with your existing glazing conditions.

No longer do you need to replace your glazing frames and glass in order to get impressive UL level 752 ballistic protection. BulletShield works with your existing glazing and supplements the structure in order to provide you affordable and easily installed ballistic protection for vision glass.


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With our highly experienced and professional crew, your installation will be professional from start to finish. We provide product samples, testing reports, demonstrations, assessments and engineered drawings prior to mobilization.

DEFENSLITE retro-fit anti-intrusion mounted shields

BulletShield is our patented forced entry (FE) solution for door and window glass. Our innovative shields and custom designed system combines versatility, scalability and flexibility to prevent intrusions. Keep your existing glazing system intact while adding DefenseLite ‘clear shields’ in order to ‘keep the bad guys out!”

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