This industry is open 24x7 and welcomes visitors throughout the day and night. In such a case, the staff members are also required to provide their services even late in the evening hours. Having bullet-resistant windows in the hotel will not just allow these workers to stay secured and handle those late-night check-ins without worry but will also be beneficial in retaining their services for a longer term due to the added level of security guaranteed. That apart, the amenity of offering bulletproof glass will attract more high-end visitors who stay concerned about their safety


: No matter it is a small or big business development, every owner would like to protect the business, their employees and customers from any kind of unforeseen situation. However regardless of any situation, a bulletproof glass door is guaranteed to protect the business from the threats, in a proactive approach during the crime. The installation of this safety measure can even uphold the security of the business in after-hours without dedicating additional resources to prevent unexpected crimes. Bulletproof glass has time and again proved to be the best method of security without bogging down business.


There is an increasing stress on hospitals which they have to face 24 hours a day. Many hospitals are even in charge of treating violent mentally ill patients. Therefore, there is an urgent need for hospitals to tighten their security measures by installing bullet proof glass. Especially in main entryways, reception, emergency rooms, nurses’ stations and administration rooms, bullet resistant glasses are a must, since nobody will be able to predict what kind of case or in-hospital crime the inmates might have to encounter. Bullet-resistant glasses are now a reality and a necessity for today’s modern hospital.


In recent years, there have been flooding cases of violence against children especially school students who are at the focal point of criminal activities. In such an unsafe scenario, it is necessary to provide security for the well being of kids at schools where they spent their maximum time. An important method of ensuring safety is by making windows and entryways of the school bullet resistant with the use of bullet proof glass. If a school’s goal is to create the safest possible environment to protect children & staff members from outside threats, bulletproof glass can be a major help!


Considering the increase in crime even at a police precinct, it is highly essential to secure the heavy traffic areas of a police station like entrances, transaction windows, lobby, and other main access points with bulletproof glass, frames, and ballistic doors. This will not just go a long way to keep the inmates of the police station safe but will also act as a mechanism to combat immediate criminal activity or outbreak within the precinct. With the use of bullet-resistant glass, police stations can also screen visitors, keeping officers and administrative workers safe while still serving the public.

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