The hospitality industry operates around the clock, 365 days a year. Hotel/hospitality workers welcome visitors throughout the day and night. Installing bullet-resistant windows in a hotel allows workers to remain secure and worry-free while handling late-night check-ins. This added security and peace of mind that adding BulletShield provides to employees can have the added benefit of boosting employee morale and retention. Additionally, offering additional safety measures in hotel lobbies and meeting spaces is an amenity that will attract those visitors who put a premium on their safety

BulletShield Benefits for Hospitality:

  • Unobtrusive to guests
    • Designed to blend into existing framing
    • Nearly invisible once installed
  • Custom made for every window opening
  • Defeats most ballistic and forced-entry attacks without breaking



The protection of employees and customers from any kind of unforeseen threat within a company’s office/premises is a prime responsibility of a business owner. A safe and secure workplace helps enhance employee morale, which in turn increases performance and output. Ballistic security glass can help safeguard employees and customers at places like banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc., where business transactions are carried out. Adding BulletShield to office windows and doors is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to protect businesses large and small from ballistic and forced-entry threats while achieving and even surpassing required safety standards. Installing BulletShield also can help to ensure the security of a business/office after-hours without dedicating additional resources to prevent unexpected crimes. BulletShield has earned the reputation as the best method of security without bogging down business.

BulletShield Benefits for Business:

  • Custom fabricated based on existing glazing conditions
    • Can be installed on the interior as well as exterior of existing windows and doors based on existing conditions
  • Installed by certified installers, reducing installation-project costs and timelines
  • A portable solution, BulletShield is engineered for removal when needed or desired



Hospitals are 24-hour operations that not only serve as a place where victims of violent crimes are treated, but all too often can themselves become scenes of incidents of violence. Hospital authorities strive to take necessary and immediate steps to provide high-level protection for their doctors, staff, patients and everyone associated with the hospital. Since 2004, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recommended installation of shatter-proof and bullet-proof glass for hospitals, especially the windows at nurses’ stations, in the triage and admitting areas. With installation of systems like BulletShield to protect windows and essential entrances, hospitals are better-equipped to handle various risks and increase security.

BulletShield Benefits for Hospitals:

  • Increase security without compromising or degrading required services
    • Nearly invisible once installed
  • Keeps hospital staff, patients and guests safe from bullets and other threatening intruders
    • Meets forced-entry and UL 752 ballistic standards



The steady increase of gun-related violence at schools has put our children’s safety at increased risk. Amid increasing public demands to protect our children where they spend most of their day (in schools), school administrators face the challenge of determining what safety measures to take. An effective way to ensure safety in schools involves the use of bullet-proof glass to protect school windows, doors and entryways. BulletShield is a patented system that provides an invisible protection layer over existing window and door glass to defend against ballistic and forced-entry attacks. If a school’s goal is to create the safest possible environment to protect children and staff members from outside threats, BulletShield is the right choice!

BulletShield Benefits for Schools:

  • Effective deterrent against those wishing to engage in violent acts at schools
    • Stops ballistic attacks
    • Keeps intruders outside until law enforcement arrives
  • Can also protect against inside attacks when installed on classroom doors and other entryways



The very nature of the function of a police station – to process and confine, as needed, suspected and convicted criminals – puts the safety of police officers, administrative employees, the visiting public and even those in police custody at increased risk. To protect against ballistic and forced-entry threats, it is essential to secure a police station’s heavy-traffic areas, including entrances, transaction windows, lobby areas and other main access points with bulletproof glass, frames, and ballistic doors. Adding ballistic-resistant BulletShield systems will not just go a long way to keep the officers, administrative workers and inmates of the police station safe but also will act as a mechanism to combat immediate criminal activity or outbreak within the precinct.

BulletShield Benefits for Police Stations:

  • Allows for safe screening of all visitors and protection for police officers and staff
  • Installs seamlessly over existing window and door glass design
    • Nearly invisible once installed
  • Cost effective: installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions
    • Replaced without difficulty if ever damaged


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